Gina Rodriguez


My name is Gina Rodriguez. I was born in New York city but raised in the Dominican Republic. My father, whom I respect very much, decided that NYC was not the place to raise two children; my younger sister and I. I attended a bilingual school in the Dominican Republic where I was able to speak both Spanish and English fluently. Later on I proceeded to learn French. I really like languages and the way it makes you feel accomplished when you’re able to speak it. Also, I feel that languages can connect you to a culture in a number of unimaginable ways. I am in the process of learning Japanese now and further down the line I would like to speak Chinese, Arabic and German. I also really like writing. Because I am a rather reserved person, writing gives me that space where I can really say everything I’ve been meaning to say all my life without restraint, or sounding like an idiot. Overall, I just love the academic processes of Language and Writing.