Hello, my name is Jason! I am an 18 years young freshman attending BCC. I am very concerned with issues of our society today. And I just so happen to like taking pictures. That is why I decided to join this photo storytelling research team. I hope to capture issues of our time and convey them to as many people as I can. I want to expose these issues and educate people through the power of visual storytelling. People tend to forget about society’s issues, they grow numb to the pain of others because daily exposure makes them forget and those things that should be considered wrong become the norm and are accepted. This stands true for many things including, trash on the streets, homeless people sleeping on the concrete, hungry beggars on the train. These things that we should work to get rid of, people usually tend to turn a blind eye to. They are complacent, apathetic, or just accepting of these societal wrongs. I hope that my work can serve as an eye opener, even more that it will cause people to move and do something. In this way I hope to positively affect the lives of many thus, fulfilling my life’s goal of helping many.