I'm a kind, uncomplicated, honest, out-going, sincere, good natured, hard working, friendly, talented, charming, modest and unpretentious fellow who has only gotten better with age, enjoys a bit of adventure and the warm company of good friends. Friends with whom I share the bond of loyalty and trust, for these are the cornerstone of a long and lasting relationship.


I enjoy the simplicity of life that is so often lost in today's hurried, stressful, techno-focused, robotic mass of humanity.


I believe that the true value of a friendship is not found in mere acquaintance. It grows, ever expanding, by thought, word and deed, consummated by virtue, honesty, integrity, sincerity, the bond of love, mutual admiration, respect for individuality and acceptance of each other for who or what they are, regardless of age, status, circumstance, religious, sexual or political orientation.


I also believe that a true friend is a precious gift to be cherished. As I continue to go through life and time marches on for this reflective soul, I hope, through my many and varied associations, performance venues, theatrical entertainments and numerous stage performances, that I have and continue to bring a little joy to the heart, a smile to the face, laughter to the spirit, comfort to the soul and make a significant difference in the lives of my friends; the precious gifts that I cherish most.